How to monetize your blog



You successfully built a lot of traffic to your blog? Great! Now the time has come to profit from your work!

You hit a gold mine!


Let’s discover how to translate a blog into a successful business!

For starters I looked for some help and professional experiences on google blogsearch.

The first blog I skimmed is informative, but not really helpful. Three successful fashionbloggers describe by which means they montetize their blogs which gained high traffic. Hints are dropped, I learn about how tools and approaches to monetization are called but I don’t get hold of some direct information or direct advice.

Digging deeper into the blogs I found some helpful sites in case you wish to get in direct contact with firms which might like to use your blog as a platform to advertise.

Try checking the blog post published on love a la mode which discusses (amongst others) how to make contact with the company/firm/brand and how to promote your blog. She suggests to set up a so called media kit to do so. Researching this subject I come across a blog explaining how to create your own media kit (information about your blog, your readers, samples of your content,… which is helpful and important to know for companies which might like to work with you)

From all blogs I skimmed I consider the blog by a young fashion blogger to be the most explainatory and helpful. She is listing pro’s and con’s of different methods of monetizing blogs. I learn about some categories of monetizing to start with:

Ads :

banner ads, text link ads and RSS ads which can be placed on your blog

Example: Google Adsense

One way to place ads within the framework of your blog is google adsense. You sign up, make an application where you hand in the url of your blog or website and submit your bank details. If google adsense considers you to be a valuable partner to place its ads, you can choose for example size and color scheme of the banners (Adsense Setup). Additionnally, you are able to block out any ads of your concurrents to be sure that this placement is not harming your own intentions and your business. In the following, google adsense generates an html code, which you add in your blog at the place where you wish the banners to occur. For further information and support check the google support for adsense!

Affiliate companies

give you the possibility to link your content to products, you earn a fixed percentage if products sold due to your link

Example: Google Afilliates or if you don’t want to leave it all to google: commission junction

You can learn how to get started with commission junction and how to look for useful links to place here:

Need for help?

You got inspired and set up some monetizing tools and programmes but still struggle or seek out for help and support? Check out this forum:

a marketing and SEO professional recommends, discusses and helps out by answering questions of people who leave a post or comment!

Turn your work into gold and make the cash register jingle!

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  1. Julia J.
    July 21, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    A very good choice of topic, combining IT and business!! The visualization with Dagobert Duck fit ver well to that blogpost. Your way of writing is very catchy . It makes one curious and you have a sense for choosing and underlining the most important lines.
    I was also thinking about thing topic before and was always wondering how you can make you website a profitable business.
    I like that you started the post with the process of finding useful information on the topic. It is good that you linked all the useful blogs and articles you found on that topic. That gives us the possibility to check them ourselves. Thanks for the video as well!
    Although I think I won’t make use of monetizing my website I still appreciate you post. Thanks.

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